Attribution samples, with resources


This image below, "Finger Lickin' Good" was embedded in this wiki page using the ImageCodr tool for Flickr images. It does a very nice job of giving proper attribution for images from that site!

You can always create an attribution manually as well, it just take a bit more time!

Photos for Class:
This site also uses Flickr for images, but you have the choice to download the image where all the attribution information is already listed in a banner at the bottom of the image. See the image below. Although all the necessary parts (TASL) are there, since the file comes from Flickr you may consider using ImageCodr that is listed above. Note: You need to consider how you plan to use the image, if it is for an online presence (web page, wiki etc.) or in a printed document. You may decide that one way is more preferable than another.

Media Files

When you use audio sources on a class web page, place the attribution along side the link to the audio itself.
Here is an embedded audio from Wikimedia Commons Source: Wikimedia Commons, "Traditional Irish Music" Author: New Comma Baroque, CC-BY-SA

Be sure to Filter your results to look for Creative Commons licensed videos. The sample below is embedded using the "widget" tool in Wikispaces and then copying the embed code from the YouTube page.

"Cute Play Fight of Polar Bears" From
guardthemind, CC-BY-SA (Original Source By Brocken Inaglory, no link provided)