Technology & Distance Learning Symposium February 22 - 23, 2013 (Berkeley Adult School, Berkeley, CA)

Online and Blended Teaching: A Professional Development Journey
The Online Teaching Academy (OTAC) was initiated in 2010 to meet the growing need for professional development to implement online and blended instruction. Projects vary widely and across program areas. Join us to listen to current OTAC participants reflect on their challenges and successes with learning about online teaching.
(I am the project leader for OTAC, you can see the presentations from project participants on the TDL Symposium web site.)

College Transition and Career Development - An Orientation

Co-presented with Debbie Jensen, Baldwin Park Adult Education
Helping students learn necessary skills to successfully transition to work or college is a priority, and finding appropriate materials is a challenge. Come learn about OTAN's free online course "College Transition and Career Development." This ABE level course is three courses in one, and each section may be taught separately.

The handout for this session is available on the TDL Symposium web site.